A STEM Nonprofit Organization

The Alexis Mitchell Foundation is a nonprofit science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) organization that provides academic support and enrichment opportunities for minority and disadvantaged students. We are committed to sharing success stories and lessons learned, with the hopes of promoting excellence and self-confidence in math and science among all students. We challenge parents, educators, and community leaders to contribute to these programs or similar programs to impact our communities.

Our STEM Initiatives

In order to accomplish our mission of fostering math and science achievement, The Alexis Mitchell Foundation has implemented the following initiatives:

  • STEM Enrichment Programs designed to expose students to advanced concepts and learning opportunities.
  • STEM Career Workshops aimed at educating students about traditional and nontraditional careers.
  • Math & Science Competitions geared toward introducing students to research and the competitive aspects of math and science.
  • Math/Science Tutorials focused on supporting students in their ongoing math and science education.


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